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Unique bags, handmade in the UK from upcycled fabric.

Have you ever searched for a bag only to not be able to find one that fits the picture in your mind? Or maybe you bought a bag only to realise it wasn’t quite what you wanted? Maybe you always end up compromising because you can never find what you're looking for - a bag that feels like you.

I've got the perfect solution for you - build your own custom bag!

I make eco friendly handbags from unwanted fabric. It is amazing how much fabric goes to waste each year in the UK, and I have a large stash of high quality fabric ready to upcycle into gorgeous, completely unique bags.

Building your own bag with Remade Reloved couldn’t be easier. 

I offer a FREE friendly design consultation... help you to decide on what you need from your bag. There is absolutely no obligation to buy.

Interested? Just get in touch - Contact me by completing the ENQUIRY FORM (click here.) I'll aim to get back to you within 24-48 hours.

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