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Seller FAQs

What is Remade Reloved?

We are an online marketplace for small businesses and creative people. Our focus is on: 

  • Upcycled
  • Eco friendly
  • Sustainable
  • Handcrafted
  • Made in the UK

We help small businesses to sell online on our easy to use platform. We want to give customers a way to shop consciously, and we want to build a strong creative community which lifts each other up. In the longer term, we are aiming to introduce resources and support to help you to develop your business through our platform. 

If you're convinced, click here to sign up and open your shop.

I’ve never sold anything before - can I join? 

Absolutely! We want to help you to build a business making money doing what you love! You don’t have to be a registered company to trade with us. 

Can I sell on other platforms too?

 Of course! We dont believe in restricting your options. In fact we would positively encourage all of our sellers to raise the profile of their business however they can. 

What can I sell?

First up, you can list unlimited numbers of products. We support creatives and businesses making handcrafted goods in the UK. We are pretty open minded - as long as your goods are handmade, ideally eco friendly in any way, come and join us. We particularly love upcycling, hence the name - Remade Reloved! 

What can't I sell?

We do not accept any mass produced products and we cannot accept any MLM sellers (multi level management scheme sellers) There are certain items you cannot sell - see the terms and conditions for more. 

Can I sell personalised and custom made products? 

Yes. If you need help setting up your products then let us know. 

Sounds great - what will it cost me?

Our subscription plans are just £5 a month.

That’s right, for the price of a couple of take away coffees, you get a fully functioning shop with secure online payments to sell your goods, and access to our network of other creative people. We also charge 5% commission which is just to cover transaction fees on all sales. 

Our aim is to provide sellers a great place to showcase their products, whether they are just starting out or have been selling for years. 

Ready to say yes? Click here to sign up and start selling. 

Remind me again what I get? 

We think it really is great value, but then, we would say that! 

  • Complete freedom to run your shop however you like. You are in charge of what you list, when, pricing, postage - everything!
  • All of our members benefit from our advertising on social media platforms, including Facebook, Google and Instagram. We reach tens of thousands of potential customers every month and that number is growing all the time - we are a very new business but the numbers of customers we are reaching is expanding very quickly across the UK.  
  • Use of our website - setting up your own website would cost you at least a few hundred pounds to set up, not to mention the ongoing costs which could run into hundreds of pounds every year. 
  • Easy, secure payments for your customers and for you, so both parties are protected
  • An easy to use system which has been designed with you in mind - you don’t need to be a technical whizz to get your products online. Add your products, add a few good quality photos and a description, and it’s on the site ready to buy. 
  • Custom designed training to help you get started
  • Technical support on hand when you need it
  • Access to a growing community of like minded creative people

There is no catch. It really is that simple. 

What if I don’t like it? 

If you aren’t sure about taking the plunge and selling with us - we get it. Your business is your pride and joy - we wouldn’t trust ours with just anyone either!

We give you a 14 day free trial to dip a toe in and see what you think. If you have any issues or concerns at any point that makes you feel you want to leave - please do get in touch, we are here to help. 

If you decide its not for you, no worries - cancel within your 14 days trial period by emailing us at and we will remove your shop. You’ll also need to cancel your subscription yourself. If you do so within the trial period, you will not be charged. 

The first subscription payment is scheduled to be taken 14 days after you sign up. If you cancel after that time, we cannot give any refunds under any circumstances.  If you make any sales during your trial period, the commission will be deducted as it covers transaction fees. 

How do I get paid? 

We will pay you manually each week for any orders you received within that week by bank transfer. Once you have made your first sale, we will get in touch for your bank account sort code and account number. These details will be kept securely. 

Okay, I've got nothing to lose - how do I sign up? 

Go to our Open Your Shop page by clicking here and follow the two easy steps! 

Anything else you would like to know? 

Just email and we will get back to you asap.