Copy of Choose Your Bag Style

 The Tote Bag
The Messenger Bag
The Pleated Shoulder Bag
Here you can see all of the available bag styles, which have been developed by me and so are completely unique to Remade Reloved.  

The Messenger Bag

 A compact bag for those who like to travel light.
 Features rounded edges for a softer look
 Fastens with a magnetic clasp on the flap
 Bag dimensions approx. 

    The Pleated Shoulder Bag

     Classic styling with a beautiful pleat detail on both sides of the bag. 
     Medium sized bag which will take you effortlessly from day to evening.
     Magnetic clasp closure. 
     Features an inside zipper pocket with your choice of zipper colour
     Bag dimensions approx. 

     CLICK HERE to see previous examples of the Pleated Shoulder Bag. 

    The Tote Bag

     The Tote Bag is the perfect everyday bag if you need a lot of space! 

     Makes the perfect bag for days out, going to the beach, shopping - anywhere!

     Cleverly designed to maximise space while still feeling easy to carry.
     Inside zipper pocket with your choice of zipper colour.
     This bag is made with an extra layer of padding to give the bag more structure. 
     Bag dimensions approx.