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Marie Bruce

*Quick Announcement*



Hello to all our customers and followers - just to let you know from the week beginning of the 15th March, Remade Reloved will no longer be run as a marketplace and it will revert to being a place for me to feature my own products and passion for upcycling so I would be thrilled if you want to continue to follow me.

 The Marketplace concept was a way to bring together creative people over the Christmas period to sell their products in view of lockdown and it’s been amazing to have been able to facilitate that - I would like to give a massive thank you to all of our sellers and customers for their support during this time, I am so proud of everything we have all achieved and I have met some incredible people.

For personal reasons, I have decided that after Mother’s Day it would be the right time to take a step back. You will still be able to follow all your favourite sellers on their own social media pages and I will encourage all the sellers to share their links with you.

HOWEVER having said all of that, we are still very much open for business right up til Mother’s Day (14th March), so if you want to treat your mum/granny/auntie (or anyone really!) to something truly special, do shop now!


Thank you,



Remade Reloved


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