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Have yourself an upcycled little Christmas!

Upcycling at Christmas isn’t a new phenomenon. Who hasn’t made an angel out of a toilet roll tube, or used scrap paper to make a paper chain before when they were at school? Your choice of Christmas decorations might be more sophisticated these days, but there are more ways to upcycle at Christmas than finding uses for old toilet rolls! Reuse packaging With the rise of online shopping, the amount of packaging in general circulation has risen massively. Large online retailers use millions of cardboard boxes each year, and while it’s great to recycle them as they appear in your home, you could always use them to make your gift tags from before you recycle them. All you need to...

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What do I mean by upcycled bags?

I search wherever I go to find beautiful fabric which is secondhand, unwanted or left over, and turn it into bags. It doesn’t really matter where it’s from. My only criteria is that it must be clean and/or washable. Because I only need small pieces of fabric to make bags, I can easily work with fabric which has small blemishes or marks, but I won’t use anything which can’t be cleaned. 

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